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Bachelorette party? Let us take you away.!

Bachelorette party? Have fun,  relax before the most important day of your life. Baccarat club is an ideal place to have this event, to share it with your friends. The spacious elegant interior is perfect for this kind of party. The music that is played by the DJs will make you spend a lot of time on the dance floor. Our bartender’s will make sure your drinks are full all night!

Let your fantasies come true. We offer tables, beds and also a VIP room for ladies that prefer more privacy. Don’t wait, listed to the rhythm and let it  take you away, right to the dance floor.

We encourage you to make reservations by phone or in person. You can meet with the manager and plan the perfect night together.

Bachelor Party? This one will go down in history!!!

Why should you organise your bachelor party at Baccarat club? Because we have the same rule as in Los Vegas, what happens in Baccarat club stays in Baccarat club. Your privacy is very important to us.

The interior decor is ideal for this kind of party. Forget about the  quietness of your home. The attractions that are prepared for the bachelor will be best enjoyed at a club environment.

If you need more privacy,  we offer an exclusive, private separately functioning VIP room that is ideal for this type of event.

If you have special wishes, maybe catering? We will be able to accommodate everything you need. It’s worth the trouble to make the last night of freedom as  special as it can be.

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