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Bring your friends, your entire entourage, figure out the amount you want to spend and we will match it. Which means that you will be able to spend twice as much!!!


Day: Friday Time: 6:00 pm.

Are you wondering what to do?? It’s Friday and you just got off of work, what now???

You’ve been waiting all week for the weekend and now that it’s finally here you’re thinking “what should I do now??”
Well……We have an idea just how you can spend it. Don’t work on Friday night, spend it with US!!!

It’s a HOT night for HOT guests!! As you all know that there is more to life than just work and responsibilities, it’s not meant to be “all work and no play”
Your fundamental right is: to spend your weekend in a relaxed atmosphere, to forget about your entire week and to have the time of your life.

The Baccarat Club is inviting everyone that is in need of letting out all of that energy, that is ready for the hottest club atmosphere!
We are waiting to serve you with the best tasting drinks of the summer, at the hottest summer prices .They are prepared for you by the best professional bartender crew that is in tune with the greatest party atmosphere! Right here in the Baccarat Club!

You will enjoy exceptional sound, the latest most popular hits, presented by our talented DJs.

Modern , friendly and comfortable interior. A professional crew that will create an unforgettable experience and an atmosphere that will make the memory of your entire week disappear, at least for that moment.

Don’t miss out!! There is a reserved table waiting for you!!

Dress code: HOT and SEXY